I hate running.

I like the way I feel afterward but I really don’t like much about it in the moment. The pain…the strain…the sweat…I want to eat a bowl of ice cream just thinking about it!

Why would I go out into the road and start running around? Can’t there at least be a ball to chase or something to throw so that I can distract myself from all the “good” I am doing for my body? Here’s the weird thing…as much as I loathe running, I still do it. “Why?”, you may ask. Great question! The best answer I’ve got is what people refer to as “The runners high”. Immediately following a run and several hours afterward, I feel better about life. I’m more energized. I have increased positivity about the world. I feel ready to take on whatever challenge is headed my way. All right, that may be a little extreme but you get the point.

There’s one part of the running experience that seems more difficult than any other- the step out of the front door. Some days it takes all my will power just to grab the door knob and pull back. Sometimes I have to drag my legs with me because it feels like they have cinder blocks attached to them. Often these physical realities are surrounded by an internal monologue that goes something like, “It’s too cold (or too hot) outside, I just worked out yesterday (or a couple of days ago) my body could use the rest, I didn’t have enough carbohydrates yesterday to sustain a quality workout (I don’t even know if that is a real excuse but I can make up some crazy stuff!). Yet, once the fresh air hits my face, I know I am committed. As much as it might hurt temporarily, it will be worth it.

This blog post is my “step out of the front door”. I’ve been wanting to start writing my thoughts down for quite a while but have always perceived it as painful or that I have too much else I could/should be doing.

Some people run because they are training for an olympic event or a professional sport. I don’t run for that reason. Some people blog because they want to change the world or impact the lives of millions of people. That’s not my purpose for blogging either.

My goal in both cases is to become a slightly healthier person. I’d love to have you “run” alongside me every now and then if you’d like.

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