About Me


Like me, this blog is always evolving and far from perfect but I hope you’ll enjoy the posts and maybe even leave with something to think about in your own life.

I’m not famous. I don’t have a legion of fans or a book deal. I’m a husband, father, son and brother who is making his way through life. This is a place for me to chronicle what I continue to experience in that journey.

You’ll often see the theme of relationships woven throughout what I write. I am also a sports fan, outdoor enthusiast and coffee aficionado. Don’t be surprised if you see those things mentioned from time to time as well.

The defining moment in my life was my decision to follow Jesus. That choice continues to shape the way I see and experience the world.

I work in full time Christian ministry with college students. I’m passionate about blending authenticity, vulnerability and timeless truth while building into the lives of the next generation.